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Meet the Glatt Powder Synthesis Experts on March 15, 2021 at the ProcessNet 2021 Online Conference

The pulsation makes the difference! Learn how to benefit from the Glatt Powder Synthesis for spray drying and spray calcination in a pulsating gas stream to enable the precise design of completely new powder types with customized properties. Dr.-Ing. Viktor Drescher, Manager Advanced Powder Processing, Process Technology Food, Feed & Fine Chemicals, Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH will present the process in his lecture at 1:40 p.m. March 15, 2021.

Meet the Glatt experts at the Virtual ChemTECH World.IE 2021

Come and check out the innovative fluid bed and spouted bed technologies for granules and pellets! Glatt welcomes you to visit the Glatt Dashboard and interact with experts to understand what we can do for your ingredients like fertilizers, crop protection agents, salts, polymers, seeds, phosphonates, enzymes, essential oils, fragrances, surfactants, detergents, cleaning agents, colour pigments, ceramics, catalysts, minerals, trace elements, acids, diamonds, and so much more to optimize the desired physical properties and / or to protect sensitive, active and volatile substances.

Outside-In-Prozess vom Anlagenbauer: Von der Idee zur Marktreife – Zukunft wird im Team gemacht

Seit Jahrzehnten gelten Wirbelschichtapparate als die Königsklasse zur Herstellung von staubfreien, löslichen oder funktionalen Granulaten und Pellets. Warum Glatt Ingenieurtechnik Produktideen technologieoffen angeht und wie das den Innovationsprozess der Kunden voranbringt. Wer zu Glatt kommt, sucht genau das. Synergieeffekte ergeben sich darüber
hinaus aus Kooperationen mit Hochschulpartnern und unserem Engagement in Kompetenznetzwerken und orschungsprojekten. Einen ganz wesentlichen Anteil am Erfolg komplexer Innovationsprojekte steuern unsere Mitarbeiter bei; hochmotivierte Kolleginnen und Kollegen, die ihre Kompetenz und die Fähigkeit zum Querdenken in der Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Kunden einbringen.

From nano to micro: Register fro free and join the webinar @ Virtual Process Show 8-11 Sep 2020

From nano to micro –
How to generate narrow PSD spherical particles in one step.
Learn about the generation and core-shell-coating of powder materials with new, previously unattained properties. Long-term stability for battery materials through precise, even coating of anode and cathode materials.
Unique new optical effects and maximum protection for paint and coating pigments. Reduced material quantity by core-shell-coated structures for catalytically active powders.

Glatt. Meet the Experts @ Virtual Process Show 8-11 Sep 2020

Trade fairs are postponed, conferences cancelled, travel restricted. Experience networking and the typical trade fair feeling digitally. So we are going on a new path. Visit us from 8 to 11 September 2020 at the Virtual Process Show – the new online trade fair for process and production technology in chemistry, biotech, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages.

Pulsed Multiphase Flows—Numerical Investigation of Particle Dynamics in Pulsating Gas–Solid Flows at Elevated Temperatures

Although the benefits of pulsating multiphase flows and the concomitant opportunity to intensify heat and mass transfer processes for, e.g., drying, extraction or chemical reactions have been known for some time, the industrial implementation is still limited. This is particularly due to the lack of understanding of basic influencing factors, such as amplitude and frequency of the pulsating flow and the resulting particle dynamics. The pulsation generates oscillation of velocity, pressure, and temperature, intensifying the heat and mass transfer by a factor of up to five compared to stationary gas flow

Wie Zukunftsmaterialien mit Wirbelschichttechnologien und der Glatt Pulversynthese Realität werden

Batteriewerkstoffe, 3D-Druck, Phosphordünger, Lebensmittel: Der Anlagenbauer und Prozessexperte Glatt Ingenieurtechnik ist dank seiner technologie- und prozessorientierten Innovationskompetenz gefragter Entwicklungspartner in vielen Industriezweigen und im Forschungssektor. Das Technologiezentrum in der Weimarer Zentrale ist der Hub für das Partikeldesign von Zukunftssmaterialien. Aus FuE-Ideen werden hier etwa Produktmuster mit flammenhemmenden Eigenschaften produziert und marktreife Getränkepulver entwickelt; man tüftelt an der Formulierung für Düngergranulate mit defi nierter Freisetzung sowie an Carbon-Pellets.

We are taking care – COVID-19 pandemic

Dear customers, partners and followers

The current situation is very special and challenging for all of us globally. At Glatt we continuously follow and comply with the recommendations by the governmental health authorities on how to conduct our business during the COVID -19 pandemic.

We are taking care …