Glatt Powder Synthesis – The Technology


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Innovative technology for tomorrow’s high-performance powders

Glatt powder synthesis is based on the principles of spray pyrolysis, spray drying and spray calcination. By choosing the process parameters, materials are produced or optimized and functionalized in one of these ways. In Glatt’s pulsation reactors, however, the materials are not processed in a laminar flow, but in a pulsating gas flow, i.e. in a turbulent flow. This leads to thermodynamic changes in the reaction space. And this is precisely what enables the properties of the generated powders to be specifically influenced.

To produce and process materials in pulsating flows, Glatt offers various reactors for powder synthesis. As with Glatt’s well-known fluidized bed technology, there are systems for initial trials as well as for pilot and production plants.

The ProAPP® Lab pulsation reactor is available in various versions for laboratory tests and process development. Benefit from the enormous range of parameters and optimize your material. The ProAPP® 500 synthesis reactor is our pilot and production plant for scale-up trials as well as for contract production. With an annual capacity of several hundred tons, this plant can be used to produce material for performance tests, market trials or ongoing contract manufacturing. As a plant manufacturer, Glatt offers the design and construction of specialized plants tailored to customer requirements. Glatt experts accompany customers through to commissioning, servicing existing plants and contract manufacturing your products on our plants.

Our solution for precise particle production.