One Step Ahead with Glatt Powder Synthesis


That’s what makes the difference:

Drying, coating and calcination
in one step

Powder in the micrometer and nanometer range

Particularly homogeneous powders without hard aggregates

particle size distributions

Precisely definable chemical composition

Extremely homogeneous thermal treatment of the material

Continuous, easily scalable process

Temperature treatment up to 750 °C (optionally 1300 °C) possible

Very high heat and stock transfer rates

The innovative Glatt powder synthesis offers numerous advantages over other technologies established today. The prerequisite for this is the pulsating gas flow influencing the formation of the particles and thus the properties of the powder in several ways:

Flexibility for raw materials and process gas

Glatt powder synthesis is extremely flexible with regard to the raw materials: solutions, suspensions or solids can be used. Depending on the application, either ambient air, inert or active gases are applied as process gas.

Powder with the highest degree of purity

The electric heater reliably prevents contamination of the product by combustion residues.

Nanoparticles with narrow particle size distribution and specific surface area

The impact of pressure waves further atomizes the primary droplets created during injection. The result is a superfine powder with a narrow particle size distribution and a high specific surface area

Highest homogeneity and no hard aggregates

The highly turbulent gas flow within the reactor tube leads to a strong mixing of the gas and the droplets or particles. Temperature velocity gradients in the pulsating gas flow are homogenized. The absence of thermal hotspots prevents hard aggregates and all particles experience the same time/temperature regime. The individual particles can easily be separated and dispersed.

Extremely high rates of heat and mass transfer

Pulsation maintains a relative velocity between particles and gas stream along the entire length of the reactor. Boundary layers around the particles cannot form. Heat and mass transfer are thus significantly enhanced.

Unique particle structures

The particles form, dry and heat up extremely quickly in Glatt powder synthesis. At the end of the reactor tube the are instantaneous cooled down. This accelerated particle formation and phase transformation ensure the desired reaction states and enable the formation of unique structures.

All processes in a single step

Glatt powder synthesis combines particle formation, drying and calcination and in a single step. If required,  a coating can be integrated to create functional core shell particles with specific layer thickness, porosity and activity properties

Good scalability with maximum flexibility for the process.

The thermodynamic conditions of Glatt powder synthesis are easily adaptable through specific process control. Process conditions such as temperature flow rate, residence time, frequency and amplitude are precisely adjustable. Despite the large number of options for influencing the product, the process remains readily scalable, so that reactor sizes from laboratory to production scale are possible.