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Individual solutions for your material innovations

As a full-service provider along the entire value chain for particle systems, we offer a wide range of services. Our research and development facilities in our modern, forward-looking technology center in Weimar cover the entire process chain for the production of functionalized high-performance materials – from primary particle production and functionalization to the production of ready-to-use powders and granulates. We partner with you from the development of the idea to the production of the market-ready product.

Our engineers then transfer successful developments to production scale. We not only supply the technology that fits your needs, but also support you with concentrated process know-how in conception, engineering, installation, commissioning and service.

You don’t want to produce yourself? Glatt production facilities can contract manufacutre your product for you at market volumes.

Our Technology Portfolio

Selecting the Most Suitable Technology According to Your Product Requirements!

Whether production, modification or coating of powder particles in the nano and micrometer range or drying and spray granulation of liquids containing solids, spray agglomeration of powdersmicroencapsulation for the protection of sensitive substances or coating for particle functionalization – the key to the optimum product lies in the right selection of the substances and process parameters used and in the multitude of their combination possibilities.

In processes with innovative powder synthesis, fluid bed and spouted bed technologies from Glatt, you have almost unlimited possibilities for optimal particle design and suitable functionalization of powders, granules and pellets.