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Ceramic powder with particular homogeneity for high-performance ceramic applications

Ceramic powder materials offer countless fields of application. Thanks to their special properties, they are replacing more and more alternative materials. Today batteries, LEDs or coating systems are based on ceramic powder materials. High-performance ceramics are also gaining ground in the capital goods industry: cutting materials for metal cutting, components for corrosion protection, cathode material for fuel cells and countless applications in electronics and environmental technology are just a few examples. The diversity of applications with ever changing challenges to the performance of materials increasingly calls for more complex material systems. Glatt powder synthesis is an innovative way of meeting these growing demands on the production process of high-performance ceramic powders. The pulsating spray calcination process enables the development and manufacture of highly complex powder systems for a wide variety of applications with outstanding quality and homogeneity.

One way of achieving new particle properties, for example, is through doping. For an exact adjustment of the chemical composition, various raw material preparations are used as starting materials, which offer an almost unlimited freedom of possible combinations. Glatt powder synthesis enables an ideal homogeneous distribution of the elements in the particles of the powder produced. In this way, the desired stoichiometry can be perfectly adjusted even for very complex systems. In addition to the chemical composition, the mineralogical composition can also be adjusted. This offers advantages in the production of mixed oxides of the spinel, perovskite, titanate or mullite type.

With expertise in plant engineering and powder production Glatt contributes to several development projects in the field high-end ceramics:

Project name
Field of application
Contribution of Glatt
HyAdd3D Additive Manufacturing Development and optimization of a functional filler material
SaMBa Membrane Technology Development of Barium-Strontium-Cobalt-Iron powder in a defined stoichiometry to be used in oxygen membranes
Glatt Powder Synthesis – Our innovative solution for high-performance applications of your ceramic powder materials.