Glatt Powder Synthesis

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Increasing global demands on the functionality and service life of products pose new challenges to materials and material development in all industries, including powder production. Our answer is Glatt powder synthesis.

Take advantage of our technological expertise for your innovative particle design!

The revolutionary technology of spray drying and spray calcination in a pulsating gas stream enables the precise design of completely new powder types with customized properties. Glatt powder synthesis is the innovative solution for increasing demands on the functionality and complexity of your materials. Discover our potential for the design of your primary particles. Get an overview of the range of applications for Glatt powder synthesis.

Benefit from all the services of the Glatt Group as a complete supplier of particle systems along the entire process chain.

Glatt. Meet the Experts @ booth 6E163 ● Fi Food Ingredients Europe ● 3-5 Dec 2019 ● Paris ● France

Glatt fluidized bed technologies for sophisticated product design: Added-value ingredients require gentle processes and sustainable packaging. At Fi Europe, plant engineering and process development specialist Glatt will present innovative solutions to meet these needs.

Comparison of Electrochemical Degradation for Spray Dried and Pulse Gas Dried LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4

To commercialize next-generation cathode materials a lot of different synthesis methods need to be researched and evaluated regarding the attainable electrochemical properties of the materials on one hand, and the scalability of the process on the other. For the high voltage LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 cathode material especially the degradation of the material during cycling needs to be investigated for different scales and techniques. LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 (LNMO) was synthesized using two different methods in different scales: lab-scaled spray drying and pilot-scaled gas pulse drying.

Hochleistungspulver am Puls der Zeit - Kontinuierliche Pulversynthese setzt Maßstäbe

Hochleistungspulver am Puls der Zeit – Kontinuierliche Pulversynthese setzt Maßstäbe

Materialien der Zukunft bedingen immer spezifischere Eigenschaftsprofile. Die Glatt Pulversynthese setzt Maßstäbe bei der Herstellung neuer Pulverwerkstoffe für Hochleistungskeramiken, Batteriewerkstoffe, Katalysatoren oder Spezialpigmente.