Paint and Varnish Pigments

Development of color and varnish pigments with new special effects by Glatt powder synthesis

Effect and special pigments for completely new applications

The market for pigments is growing rapidly worldwide and is constantly entering new applications. In addition to effect pigments for an increase in color strength and color variety, there are special pigments with gloss and shimmer effects. Color and coating pigments with innovative additional properties are also gaining ground – for example, UV protection, lighting effects or self-cleaning or antimicrobial properties. Other new developments in effect pigments are the reflection of infrared light or insulating or heat-conducting properties. Glatt powder synthesis offers many possibilities for the development of high-performance pigments for paints and varnishes with individual functions. The innovative spray calcination process enables the specification of particle size, morphology and surface texture. It also enables the generation of particles with exceptional photocatalytic activities.

The homogeneous raw material mixtures used for powder synthesis, together with the precise adjustment of the process parameters, enable the creation of complex structures with desired target phases. The spray calcination process also enables the production of finely tuned color and paint pigments with defined properties at sizes down to the nanometer range.

Pigments are designed in such a way that they not only exhibit special color effects but also have added functionality. For example, sensitive pigments can be coated with a protective layer so that their effect is permanently maintained. Such core shell particles or functionalized particles can be designed to be compatible with the application matrix. This makes them easier to integrate into the end application.

Glatt Powder Synthesis is the ideal solution for manufacturers who want to achieve a market advantage with innovative color and coating pigments. The production of functionalized powders, complex mixed oxides or doped materials  is possible. With Glatt powder synthesis, cost-efficient processes and small batches can be implemented simultaneously.

Glatt Powder Synthesis – Our tailor-made solution for your color pigments and coating pigments of tomorrow.