Glatt Powder Synthesis

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Glatt powder synthesis in pulsating gas flow is a process for the production, modification or coating of powder particles in the nanometer and micrometer range. The process takes place in a continuously operated vertical reaction tube.

The production of each powder has different requirements in terms of raw materials, process temperatures and plant capacity. For this reason, each plant for Glatt powder synthesis in pulsating gas flow is designed for the specific application and thus adapted to the customer’s special requirements. Reactor diameters ranging from 80 mm for small quantities to 500 mm for large-scale production are available for this purpose. The required heating power can be realized either electrically or by a pulsating gas burner and, if the process requires the use of organic solvents, recirculation systems with solvent recovery are possible.

The Glatt ProAPP® synthesis reactors at the Glatt Technology Center in Weimar, Germany

Laboratory scale for feasibility studies, verification of material and process ideas, initial samples and test batches

Two ProAPP® synthesis reactors are available at our Glatt Technology Center in Weimar for customer trials on a laboratory scale. Take advantage of the expertise of our process engineers for feasibility studies, the verification of material and/or process ideas and for the production of initial samples and test batches.

These plants with reactor diameters of 80 mm and 100 mm allow the production of 100 to 500 grams of powder per hour, depending on the raw materials used, and are therefore also ideally suited for university and industrial research facilities that want to develop a large number of novel product variants in a short time.

Glatt Synthesis Reactors ProAPP® 100

This laboratory unit has a 100 mm reactor tube. By using a pulsator with downstream electric heater, process gas temperatures from room temperature up to 900 °C are possible. Short set-up and heat-up times make this system the ideal tool for synthesis and coating tasks at process temperatures up to about 750°C.

Product separation is performed by filters, but small amounts of product can be removed during operation, e.g. for chemical or morphological analysis, by means of a sampler. In addition, the modular design allows customer-specific requirements to be realized, e.g. with regard to particle separation.

Glatt ProAPP® 80 HT synthesis reactors

The latest system at the Weimar Technology Center has a reactor with a diameter of 80 mm. Just as with the ProAPP® 100, the process gas is first preheated up to 900 °C. This allows the process gas to be sprayed into the reactor. While in the other system the process temperature drops after spraying due to evaporation and heat conduction, in the ProAPP® 80 HT the gas can be tempered over its entire length via sequentially switched and individually controllable heating elements. This makes it possible to keep the temperature constant despite evaporation or to further increase it up to 1300°C.

Pilot scale for a safe scale-up / production scale for small and medium campaigns.

The first tests of your new powders were successful, demand is increasing and now you need more? Not every required product quantity can be covered by lab scale equipment. Now the good scalability of the process proves to be advantageous. By increasing the reactor diameter, the throughput can be adapted to your individual requirements. A corresponding pilot plant of the ProAPP® type is also available to you for this purpose at our Glatt Technology Center in Weimar.

Very high-quality powder materials in particular are often only required in small quantities. For such special materials, a synthesis reactor of this size already represents the production scale.

Glatt ProAPP® 300

A ProAPP® reactor with a reactor diameter of 300 mm is available at Glatt as a pilot and production plant. Unlike the laboratory-scale plants, the oldest pulsation reactor at the Weimar site is not heated electrically, but by a pulsating gas burner. This allows process gas temperatures between 400°C and 900°C. For full flexibility, the plant has different systems for product separation, so that both hot and cold separation can be realized. The knowledge gained in laboratory tests can be used here directly in pilot tests to design production plants.

In addition to pilot trials, we also offer contract production on the ProAPP® 300. With up to 300 tons per year, sufficient capacity is available for the production of sample quantities or as part of an entire year’s production.

ProAPP® 80 HT
ProAPP® 100
ProAPP® 300
Process Temperature

ambient temp. – 1300°C

ambient temp. – 900°C

400°C – 900°C

Heat Source





0 – 320 Hz, 0 – 50 mbar

0 – 320 Hz, 0 – 50 mbar

40 – 100 Hz, 0- 50 mbar

Process atmosphere

oxidizing, inert, reducing

oxidizing, inert

oxidizing, reducing

Raw materials

solutions, suspensions, powders

Raw material feed rate

≤ 1.8 kg/h

≤ 1.8 kg/h

≤ 100 kg/h

Residence Time

≤ 2 s


powder synthesis, particle coating, heat treatment