Glatt Powder Synthesis – The ProAPP® Reactors

The Glatt ProAPP® reactor – laboratory scale

Glatt ProAPP® Lab as reactor for laboratory tests, proof-of-concept tests and small product quantities

Two Glatt powder synthesis reactors are currently available on the market. The Glatt ProAPP® Lab is suitable for feasibility studies, testing of material and/or process ideas and the production of initial samples and test batches. This reactor can be operated between room temperature and 900 °C (optionally up to 1300 °C). This wide temperature range is achieved by the innovative design of the reactor. The Glatt ProAPP® is particularly suitable for initial experiments with large parameter variations and for optimizing the material system. It can be operated under inert conditions in addition to the oxidizing regime. The Glatt ProAPP® Lab pulsation reactor can produce approximately 100 to 500 grams of powder per hour.

The Glatt ProAPP® reactors  – pilot and production scale

Glatt ProAPP® 500 as a reactor for pilot and production plants

The ProAPP® 500 reactor is available at Glatt as a pilot and production plant. The knowledge gained in laboratory tests on the ProAPP® Lab can be used here directly in pilot tests. Production plants are designed on the basis of these pilot tests. The ProAPP® 500 can also be used for contract production as a bridge to the installation of a customer’s own plant or for the production of sample quantities or an entire annual production. With up to 300 t/a there is plenty of capacity available.

Both pulsation reactors work with solutions, suspensions or solids as raw materials.

A video demonstrating Glatt powder synthesis is shown here.

Technical data reactors Glatt powder synthesis at a glance