Glatt R&D projects around particle design and powder production with Glatt Powder Synthesis’s pulsating gas flow


Research at the cutting edge: Glatt as an alliance partner in the field of application-oriented research and development

As a recognized and award-winning specialist in analog engineering, process design and material development, Glatt is a sought-after partner for application-oriented research. This is demonstrated by the numerous research projects in which Glatt has developed or is developing innovative powder materials in partnership with leading German research institutes and industrial companies. Typical areas of application are high-performance materials for future technologies such as battery and membrane materials, as well as additive manufacturing. The driving force behind these research projects is often the lack of scalability of existing manufacturing routes to industrial scales and the associated raw material costs, which are currently uneconomical. Here, Glatt Powder Synthesis in a pulsating gas stream offers a novel technology that overcomes these problems.

In order to meet the wide range of requirements, we have expanded our technology center in Weimar several times in recent years and put additional technological capacities into operation.

Through various joint projects, we are working closely with highly recognized research institutions and companies from industry.

Benefit from the synergies of a strong network!

Our technological expertise is also valued in cutting-edge research, as demonstrated by the projects in which Glatt is involved: