Glatt Powder Synthesis in the joint project “SiKo”

Silicon composite anode materials

Silicon composite anode materials – Tailored materials and processes optimized for performance and cost

The “SiKo” project aims to develop and produce improved carbon-silicon composite anode materials (C-Si materials) for lithium-ion batteries (LIB).

Through an interdisciplinary and holistic material and process development approach, various innovative processes for the production of C-Si materials for LIB are being developed in the project and evaluated both technologically via the performance of the materials and economically via the process costs. The target processes are characterized by, among other things, a lower number of individual processing steps. This enables the economical production of carbon-silicon composite materials with unique properties and improved performance. In the project, various plants or reactors for thermal, chemical and mechanical material and powder processing are being investigated for this purpose and new and promising process combinations in material development are being advanced. The developed materials are structurally analyzed, processed into electrodes and validated in LIB cells of different formats.

In the “SiKo” project, the raw materials for the anodes are produced with the help of Glatt Powder Synthesis. For this purpose, different carbon carriers are agglomerated together with silicon and thermally post-treated to ensure homogeneous starting powders for subsequent processing and thus prevent segregation of the components. During the production of the anode materials, it was possible to influence the properties of the powder by paying special attention to the spray pressure, the reaction temperature and especially the pulse frequency.

Carbon-silicon anode material produced by Glatt powder synthesis


  • VARTA Microbattery GmbH
  • TU Braunschweig, Institut für Partikeltechnik (iPAT)
  • Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH

Project supervision is provided by the project management organization Jülich PTJ.

The “SiKo” project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Duration: 01.06.2020 – 31.05.2023

Funding code: 03ETE027B