Unlimited possibilities for high-performance powder applications

Specialized high-performance materials are the key resources of the future. Today, powders or granulates with customized properties are used in almost all industries. Our unique technology generates tailor-made products with a high potential for countless applications. Define physical properties such as particle size and distribution, chemical composition, morphology and phase of your materials. Or focus on additional functions through coatings. Glatt powder synthesis opens up a wide range of possibilities. Almost  anything is possible with Glatt powder synthesis and, if desired, with downstream processes from the Glatt technology portfolio. The revolutionary process can be used for all industrial sectors in which innovative particle systems are required for high-performance applications – for example for catalytic materials, ceramic materials, pigments or battery powders for anode and cathode materials or solid oxide electrolytes. The innovative powder technology offers tailor-made solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.

Possible application examples include:

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