Information Material

Here you can download our current brochures and other presentations.

Flyer: Glatt ProAPP®

The flyer informs about the most important parameters of the production plant Glatt ProAPP® for powder synthesis for particles with definable properties.

Brochure: Glatt Powder Synthesis by Advanced Pulse Powder Technology

The brochure gives an overview of the advantages and possibilities of particle design by powder synthesis with Advanced Pulse Powder Technology.

Brochure: Glatt Technology Center Weimar

The brochure provides an overview of the services and equipment of the Glatt Technology Center in Weimar as a competence center for powder synthesis as well as fluidized bed and spouted bed technologies.

Brochure: Functionalization of Granules and Pellets

The brochure provides information on the advantages of granules and pellets produced and functionalized by fluidized bed and spouted bed technologies.

Flyer Glatt Ingenieurtechnik

The flyer gives an overview of the products and services of Glatt Ingenieurtechnik with the two competence areas ‘Glatt Process Technology Food, Feed & Fine Chemicals’ and ‘Glatt Process & Plant Engineering’.