Faster to market – «There are enough good ideas, we just need to get them from lab to industrial scale faster.» (German Article)

Thanks to its technology- and process-oriented innovation expertise, plant manufacturer Glatt Ingenieurtechnik is an internationally sought-after development partner for research institutions and industry. The Technology Center is the hub for particle design: here, R&D ideas give rise to new processes, product samples, market-ready powders, granules and pellets. (German article)

  • originally published in P&A  Prozessdigitalisierung Automation Kompendium 2019-2020, pages 152-153 (publish-industry Verlag GmbH, Germany)
  • Schneller zur Marktreife (
  • Author: Dr. Michael Jacob, Head of Process Technology Food, Feed & Fine Chemicals, Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH in Weimar, Germany. He is one of the formative minds behind the Wigratec+ (fluid bed granulation technology) Saxony-Anhalt/Thuringia cluster of excellence, the Pades (particle design Thuringia) joint project and is involved in the university network.

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