Glatt Pulversynthese für Batteriewerkstoffe von morgen.

Known for its fluid bed technology, the company is a sought-after technology partner for customer-specific processes and products, such as in the development of high-performance powders for 3D printing, battery materials and medical technology.
Its technological expertise is also valued in cutting-edge research, as the overview of current research projects in which Glatt is involved shows.

In a literal sense, the results of two battery research projects in which Glatt is involved may also be earth-shattering. The partners in the EMBATT2.0 consortium are developing stackable bipolar batteries based on lithium-ion technology. As a specialist in particle design, Glatt is focusing here on the development of process engineering solutions for the production of active materials. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and is expected to answer questions on novel materials and effective manufacturing processes by 2019.

Contact: Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Jähnert
Funding reference: 03WP0068A
BMBF funding

The plant engineering company Glatt Ingenieurtechnik is one of the most innovative companies in the East and is researching the materials and production processes of the future.
Glatt Ingenieurtechnik, a specialist in plant engineering and process development based in Weimar, Germany, was named one of the top 150 innovation leaders in the new German states by the eastern German business magazine Wirtschaft + MARKT.
In demand worldwide and excellently networked in the scientific community: The economics ministries, state development agencies and investment banks of the eastern states and Berlin nominated Glatt as a beacon among mechanical engineering companies in the east. The editorial jury selected the plant manufacturer to the list of the most innovative companies. Glatt plans and realizes plants and entire production facilities for the food, animal feed and fine chemicals industries as well as the biotech sector.

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