Research and Development

Development of new powder materials with Glatt powder synthesis

Development partner for the next generation of your powder materials

You have an idea for a new powder product and are looking for a process design partner? Take advantage of our powder production technology and our testing team. Our well-equipped technology center enables laboratory-scale trials and the production of kilogram-scale batches of your products. Product-specific process parameters are determined and samples are generated for application testing with capacities up to several tons possible. Our laboratory offers you a wide range of analytical testing and screening procedures to evaluate your product and to determine interrelationships and influencing parameters.

Both in the development of high-performance materials and in the design, optimization and control of production processes, knowledge of material data is the key to a deeper understanding of material properties. With our interdisciplinary team of process engineers, material scientists and chemists, we are able to scientifically and technically evaluate the analytical data obtained and support you in the further development and refinement of your next generation powders.

Our offer for your advantage in the market.

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