Plant Engineering

Engineering, design and implementation of production facilities for Glatt powder synthesis

Plant design and implementation of your ProAPP® synthesis reactor 

Would you like to implement our groundbreaking spray calcination process for powder synthesis directly in your production? For this purpose, we offer you our innovative pulsation reactor ProAPP®. This opens up a wide range of process options such as thermal treatment, coating, activation or drying in a single system and, if desired, even combined in a cost-efficient process step.

The high flexibility of the reactor system allows individual adaptation of the particle properties according to your specifications:

Almost freely selectable chemical composition
various possibilities of (un)doped or complex oxides

Exactly definable particle design
with particularly narrow particle size distribution and precisely adjustable surface properties

Targeted control of phase composition via process parameters
up to high temperature phases – everything is possible

Defined coatings and core shell particles
individually definable layer thickness, porosity and activity

The ProAPP® synthesis reactor is available in different  sizes for the development and production of small batches up to industrial production in ton-scale.

We are happy to design and build your powder synthesis plant to meet your individual needs. Whether for LNMO and LLZO powders as the basis for new battery materials, or for base powders for electron and/or ion conducting ceramics, or for amorphous silicate powders as matting agents, Glatt powder synthesis is the answer.

ProAPP® parameters at a glance

  • Pulsating gas flow: pulsation from 10 to 300 Hz and 0 – 50 mbar
  • Homogeneous process temperature: 200 °C to 900 °C (optionally up to 1300 °C)
  • Homogeneous and defined adjustable residence time: 0.1 to 1 s
  • Adjustable gas atmosphere, oxidizing or oxygen-free
  • Solutions, suspensions and solids can be used as raw materials

Do you have plans to further develop or expand your process? Let us partner with you from the first idea to the turnkey production plant! We also plan, deliver and build your plants for downstream fluid bed and spouted bed processes with the capability of doing complete plant engineering. With comprehensive consulting and reliable project management, we accompany you during the building and commissioning of your investment project. Worldwide!

Benefit from complete solutions – tailored to your needs!