Catalytic Powder Materials | Development of Catalysts


Materials of the future for catalysts with exceptional activity

Catalysis is a key technology in the chemical industry. Its applications are virtually unlimited, with catalysts and catalytic powders always acting selectively and application-specific. It is therefore a great challenge to develop catalysts suitable for the respective industrial application and to bring them to market maturity.
Production in constant quality and larger quantities is demanding. Previous processes still require long development times before catalysts can be produced on an industrial scale. Glatt powder synthesis opens up new avenues. For the first time, the innovative pulsating spray calcination process enables the rapid, precise and application-specific production of catalyst powder.
In a single process step, the chemical composition, the size of the powder particles and the particle structure and surface are precisely generated. The activity of the catalytic materials can be precisely adjusted, for example by defining the properties of the surfaces for specific applications. The respective application determines the procedure and in a short time the catalytic powder materials reach the required activity level.
The unique thermodynamic conditions in the pulsating and thus turbulently mixed hot gas flow make it possible to achieve special reaction states in fractions of a second. These lead to extraordinary properties and, for example, allow the catalytic activity to be increased many times over.
The advantage of the strongly pulsating flow is the up to 5 times faster heat transfer from the gas to the particle. We use these thermodynamic possibilities, for example, to create catalytic materials with amorphous structures and high lattice defects. This significantly increases their catalytic activity. In addition, Glatt powder synthesis offers the possibility of adjusting the gas atmosphere oxidizing or free of oxygen. Another important parameter for the targeted synthesis of the desired catalytic materials.
The homogeneity of the powder is very important for the development of catalysts. Glatt powder synthesis allows the use of raw material solutions that contain all components of the desired material in an optimal mixture. This chemical homogeneity of the raw materials in combination with the identical thermal treatment guarantees an outstanding quality of the catalytic powder coating.

Glatt powder synthesis – Our efficient solution for your customized catalytic powder.