Battery Materials


Active battery materials and solid electrolytes for solid state batteries and fuel cells

There is a rapidly growing demand for high-performance energy storage systems. Important factors here are the increasing share of renewable energies in power supply and electricity storage in intelligent grids (smart-grid), the need to reduce CO2 emissions in private transport through hybrid or completely electric drive concepts and the general development of consumer electronics.

The market for batteries and the demands placed on batteries are growing rapidly and continuously. Many of the existing manufacturing processes are not suitable for producing the materials for the batteries of the future in sufficient quality and quantity. The interest in the optimization of materials, formulations and properties of batteries is constantly increasing.

The goals of optimization are to increase capacity and service life, reduce self-discharge and increase intrinsic safety. Companies are faced with the challenge of producing active battery materials and solid electrolytes on a large scale with constant quality, homogeneity and the correct degree of doping.

Glatt powder synthesis is the answer to solving these problems. The innovative process of pulsating spray calcination provides high-performance powders for special applications in batteries with customized properties and high reproducibility. The process supports the production of both small and large quantities of powder for battery production.

A single process step not only generates functional powder materials for batteries, but also optimizes their chemical composition, particle size, surface and structure for maximum performance.  Targeted, specific doping increases the capacity of active materials and drastically improves their cycle stability or conductivity in solid electrolytes.

The unique thermodynamic conditions in the pulsating gas stream of Glatt powder synthesis make it possible to produce ready-to-use materials in seconds. By varying the reaction parameters, the particle size and the composition of the main and crystal phases can be optimally adjusted. The resulting battery will have the maximum capacity and stability.

The key to the process is pulsation, which leads to a strongly turbulent flow in which the heat transfer from the gas to the particle is up to five times higher compared to a continuous flow. These thermodynamic conditions are used, for example, for the production of materials with a large specific surface area, which significantly increases their electrochemical activity. In addition, Glatt powder synthesis offers the option of adjusting the gas atmosphere to be oxidizing or oxygen-free, another important parameter for the targeted synthesis of the desired battery materials.

With Glatt powder synthesis, you can produce active battery materials on an oxide basis, such as LNMO (high-voltage lithium nickel manganese oxide cathode material) or NCM (nickel cobalt manganese), as well as Si-C composite materials for novel electrodes.

Glatt powder synthesis can also produce solid electrolytes for the production of solid state batteries. Solid state batteries promise faster charging times and a higher energy density than conventional lithium ion batteries. They are also considered safer, more reliable and more durable.

Glatt powder synthesis is used, for example, in the battery research project EMBATT2.0 for the development of process engineering solutions for the production of active materials.

In the ARTEMYS joint project, the participating companies and research institutions are  working on manufacturing technologies for materials that are to be used in all-solid state batteries . Here, our expertise as plant engineers is also in demand in the field of high-temperature process technology, among other things with the help of Glatt powder synthesis. The joint project is again supported by the BMBF.

Glatt powder synthesis is the ideal technology for the development and production of high-performance powders for the batteries of the future.